The following organizations and/or websites are powered by Aduna:

Guided Exploration™


VacanceSelect.nl - one of the largest online travel agencies in The Netherlands - uses Guided Exploration™ to allow buyers to find their perfect holiday destination. Read more...

Hink Intersport Megastores

The Hink Intersport Megastores uses Guided Exploration™ to show potential buyers all products available in the physical Intersport MegaStores.

HOGBR Kennisontsluiter

The Hoger Onderwijs Groep Bouw en Ruimte - an initiative of the building and construction faculties of several dutch universities - is currently evaluating Aduna's Guided Exploration™ for use in the educational programmes offered by said universities. [intranet site]

Bouwradius Informatiemonitor®

Bouwradius - one of the largest providers in the Netherlands of educational services in the building and construction domain - uses Guided Exploration™ to guide its employees to the latest innovations published in relevant media. [intranet site]

AutoFocus™ Server

Town of Coevorden

The town of Coevorden uses AutoFocus™ server to power its website's search functionality. Using AutoFocus, visitors looking for information are guided to the information most relevant to their initial query.

Sesame RDF database

Elsevier Science

Aduna provides Semantic Web and information visualisation expertise and software to DOPE - Drug Ontology Project for Elsevier - in the form of Sesame and the Spectacle ClusterMap library.