Semantic Power

Aduna provides solutions, technologies and know-how for the Semantic Web. We operate at the cutting edge of a massive breakthrough of semantic technologies. Standards, technologies and products are ready for immediate use. Semantics are in business.

Semantics in Business

Semantic technologies improve the way we work with information, in ways that current IT architectures and methodologies cannot. Semantic Power creates value by linking knowledge.

Aduna applies semantic technology to the following areas:


Semantic Technologies

Aduna provides a comprehensive set of tools and technologies to build semantically powered solutions that enable the integration and combination of data drawn from diverse sources to ultimately provide people with better, more relevant information. We address these challenges with a powerful set of tools, libraries and frameworks surrounding our class-leading semantic database, Sesame.

  • Sesame: the cornerstone of our semantic technologies tool stack.
  • Aperture: an RDF-centric approach to content and metadata extraction.
  • Spectacle: a powerful faceted navigation engine.
  • AutoFocus: leverages our other technologies to provide flexible enterprise search services, both on the desktop and on the server.



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