Aduna AutoFocus 2004.2 release

Source: Aduna

Exactly one year after the succesful launch of the AutoFocus products, Aduna releases version 2004.2 of its AutoFocus desktop exploration tool.

This release features a name and licensing change. "AutoFocus Personal" will from now on be known as "AutoFocus". AutoFocus will be free for personal use. Professional users can acquire a license that will also unlock part of its enterprise-oriented functionality (see below).

AutoFocus 2004.2 contains a lot of functional improvements. The most notable changes are:

  • Faceted navigation: use facets such as location, date, author, etc. to navigate through your documents. This is a huge improvement over the previous version, which only offered keyword search.
  • Metadata Server access: connect AutoFocus to a Metadata Server (to be released soon) to search and explore enterprise information resources such as network drives and intranets (requires a purchased license).

Also new are an AutoFocus forum for discussing everything related to AutoFocus with the Aduna team and other users and the Aduna newsletter, offering announcements and updates on Aduna products.

For more information please visit the AutoFocus product page.