Aduna Metadata Server 2005.1 RC1 Release

Source: Aduna
Date: December 22, 2004

Today we release Aduna Metadata Server, version 2005.1, Release Candidate 1. This server software is distributed for free and can be used by organisations to create enterprise search solutions. The final version is expected early next year.

What does the server do?
The Aduna Metadata Server automatically extracts text and metadata from information sources, like file servers, intranets or public web sites. The extracted information is available for tools such as Aduna AutoFocus and Aduna Spectacle. These tools enable the user to find and explore information by using the extracted metadata. Other tools can also make use of the extracted information by use of the Sesame library (see

Why is metadata so important?
Because it enables users to conveniently find information with much more precision.

Is set-up easy?
Yes, it is. Just install the server, define web sources or file systems to be scanned and schedule the scanning process. Access the server with Aduna AutoFocus and off you go.

You are invited to download the software and use it in your own organization. Please inform us about your experiences on the Metadata Server forum. This is also the place to get help with installing and configuring the software.