AutoFocus 2004.2

Your Desktop Exploration Tool

Aduna AutoFocus helps you to search and find information on your PC, network disks, mail boxes, websites and Aduna Metadata Server sources. It scans all places where you expect valuable information and provides powerful means for retrieving that information.

AutoFocus is based on Guided Exploration which gives you information with high precision. Take a guided tour to learn more about AutoFocus.

AutoFocus is free for private use. See the License for more info on commercial and other use.

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Define your information sources...

With AutoFocus you can search and explore the following types of information sources:

At any time you can add or edit the set of information sources used by AutoFocus. These sources are scanned for documents so that AutoFocus can generate instant results for your searches. After scanning you are able to search in and explore your sources with powerful retrieval tools.

AutoFocus supports all major file formats, including MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), OpenOffice (Writer, Impress, Calc, Draw), PDF, HTML, RTF, etc.

... and start finding information!

AutoFocus lets you interact with your information in multiple ways:

Metadata facets
Document metadata contains information about your documents, such as location, date, author, size, etc. You can use this metadata to find or refine what you are looking for. Combine metadata facets to find, for example, PDF documents written by a certain author in a certain period of time.

Cluster Maps
Results are shown in a Cluster Map. The map shows you how information is related to your search terms. In the example at the right three search terms are used. The map shows documents as yellow nodes, web pages as green nodes and e-mails as blue nodes. Click on the map to view it at its normal size.

AutoFocus helps you to decide what you are looking for. Suppose you look for PDF documents written by a specific author. AutoFocus gives you a list of author names and file types it has detected in your sources. Just click on their names to visualize them in the Cluster Map.

When you select document clusters in the Cluster Map, AutoFocus presents you a list of suggested keyword searches for refinement. This automatically generated list helps you to find unexpected information.

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Using Aduna AutoFocus

People value the power of AutoFocus in two ways.

First they use it as an advanced search tool on their desktop. Facets, Cluster Maps and Suggestions enable quick drill down to the information wanted.

Next to that users value the way in which AutoFocus enables them to freely explore their information sources. You often find unexpected information by browsing the facets, analysing the Cluster Maps or using the suggestions.