Metadata Server

Metadata = valuable!

Metadata is information about information, for example the author of a document or its publication date. Metadata is helpful when you want to find or explore information. It helps you to see what information is there, to decide whether it is of value to you and where to go next. Metadata saves you time in finding the right information.

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Automated metadata extraction

The Aduna Metadata Server automatically extracts metadata from information sources, like a file server, an intranet or public web sites.

The stored metadata is available for tools such as Aduna AutoFocus and Aduna Spectacle. These tools enable the user to find and explore information by using the extracted metadata.

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Up in short time

The Aduna Metadata Server is a powerful and scalable store for metadata. It works out-of-the-box. Just install the server, use the adminstration pages to define the information sources to be scanned and schedule the scanning process.

Using Aduna Metadata Server

With Aduna AutoFocus and Aduna Spectacle you can access the Metadata Server. The different metadata facets are offered to the user by these tools as a selection mechanism for further refinement or exploration. They enable cross-facet questions like: 'Give me all PDF's (value of type facet) that I (value of people facet) made yesterday (value of time facet) with the word 'project X' in it (value of keyword facet).

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Open standard for metadata

The Metadata Server is based on Sesame, an open source RDF-based storage framework. Read more about Sesame at RDF is an open W3C standard for description of metadata.

You can write your own applications that make use of the Aduna Metadata Server. The server is accessible with standard (Sesame) protocols.