Services & Solutions

This section describes the kind of projects Aduna likes to participate in and gives you an overview of the available expertise in the Aduna team.

Next to being highly qualified software developers, the Aduna team members are also experienced consultants. We have worked for large and small companies, using our own software and that of others. The binding factor over all project-related work is the customer's wish to improve the interaction with information. We improved the actual interaction by delivering new user interfaces, but we also indirectly improved the finding of information through data integration projects.

Below you find a list of interesting work fields that belong to our expertise. Please feel free to inquire and contact us about possible projects. Also have a look at our Clients page for descriptions of past and ongoing projects.

Product Integration

The Aduna team provides services for Aduna AutoFocus, Aduna Metadata Server and Aduna Spectacle. Customers especially value our experience with the integration of these software products in existing infrastructures. We can help you to decide whether you can use existing tools out-of-the-box or whether small modifications to our products are necessary to solve your problems.

Data Integration Projects

Sesame, the open source RDF framework, provides an ideal platform for integration of separate, heterogeneous information sources. The goal of this integration is to improve browsing or searching multiple information sources transparently. Sesame works as a Semantic Web front-end for all questions.

One of the good things about Sesame is that it is free. Everybody can use it! More specifically, Sesame is available under an Open Source license, giving you a wide range of opportunities for taking control over the integration process. Experts from Aduna are available to help you with this integration.

E-commerce Shop Navigation

Metadata can be used to succesfully guide web shop visitors to products of their need, increasing the web shop's revenues. Aduna has hands-on experience with building web shops and we can advise you how to design your own shop. Did you know that metadata faceted browsing is the way to go for your web shop? Let us explain why: this helps to guide people to the right products, to never sell "no", to never show too much. In short: to make your web shop profitable!

Metadata Projects

Taxonomies, controlled vocabularies, thesauri: these words often trigger knowledge managers responsible for information disclosure in their organisation. In metadata projects organisations try to build references ('words that refer to some piece of information') to useful information.

The Aduna team has experience with these lightweight ontologies and can advice you on topics like taxonomy maintenance, the connection of a lightweight ontology to information sources and ontology-based navigation.

Information Visualisation

Aduna AutoFocus is based on information visualisation. It shows how information items are related to metadata facets. We like to share our knowledge of information visualisation with you. With our help we can show you the possibilities (and pitfalls!) of visualisation. We are happy to bring our own software, but we can also work with that of other parties.

If you have any questions regarding opportunities for cooperation, feel free to contact us.