Semantics in Business


The time is right for the use of semantic technologies in business applications. Semantics are in business.

Critical technical requirements for succesful use of semantic technologies are fulfilled. Techniques and tools for extracting, mining and revealing semantics are stable and mature. Formal standards are defined and used by technology providers. Components are available to bring raw data sources to effective and scalable end-user tools. There is a healthy, growing ecosystem of open source and commercial technologies.

Current IT architectures and methodologies are approaching the limits of their capabilities. Organizations and people demand better ways to process information. There is a growing awareness that semantically enhanced architectures and approaches are needed for the extraction, integration and presentation of information.

Aduna applies semantic technology to the following areas:


Aduna solutions have been embraced across a wide variety of industries and sectors. Customers can count on our expertise and support at every step of the way, from deployment to development to implementation and management.

  • Government
  • Publishing
  • Cultural Heritage

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